Aviva Partners with TechPassport to Boost Innovation and Technology Scouting in the Insurance Industry
January 23, 2024

TechPassport has forged a partnership with Aviva as the first insurance company to use the platform for scouting and procurement of new technologies.

A key part of Aviva's innovation strategy is working with partners in the insurtech and fintech ecosystems, enabling disruptive ideas and onboarding new technologies to help them to think differently and move at pace.

Paul Welsh, head of Innovation said: "At Aviva, we believe in the power of early-stage businesses to creatively solve business challenges. Therefore, we are always interested in how we can improve the experience of sourcing and onboarding these businesses to make it easier for them to work with large corporates."

TechPassport provides a market-ready knowledge base for more than 2000 emtech (emerging technology) providers, featuring enterprise-ready analytics and scoring systems co-developed with financial institutions. The platform streamlines risk assessment, policy compliance, and offers tailored analytics for efficient partner analysis.

With customisable watchlists and collaborative tools, Aviva can now accelerate onboarding and partnership processes while accessing exclusive insights for informed decisions.

"Our partnership with TechPassport will allow us to test a new approach and I am looking forward to seeing the results," continued Welsh.

This partnership is an excellent example of large corporates proactively working to continue to innovate in the best possible way, and by utilising the one-of-a-kind TechPassport platform to view valuable data on fintechs and emerging tech, Aviva will continue to lead the insurance sector in working with new and innovative technology.