Blaise Roulet & Tina Fisher of Intix at PAY360 2024
April 22, 2024

PAY360 conference from the Payments Association - one of the largest gathering of the entire payments ecosystem - took place at London's ExCeL and we caught up with Tina Fisher, chief marketing officer, and Blaise Roulet, CEO, of Intix.

In our chat, we  delve into Intix's role as a solution provider for banks, specifically focusing on payment aggregation, organisation, monitoring and tracking.

CEO Blaise Roulet highlights the company's mission of offering a platform to banks that streamlines their payment processes by providing a single view of all transactions. He discusses the challenges posed by legacy systems in banks and highlights the importance of Intix's solution in modernising payment infrastructure.

While Tina Fisher addresses the importance of events like Pay360 for face-to-face interactions with clients, partners, and competitors, fostering collaboration and staying abreast of industry innovations.

Watch our interview in the video above!