PXP Financial Teams Up with Celeris to Elevate Merchant Payment Solutions
July | 2024
PXP Financial, the payment service provider, has joined forces with Celeris, a payment orchestration platform provider. The collaboration between Cele
PXP Financial Becomes Mastercard Accredited Token Service Provider
July | 2024
PXP Financial has secured accreditation as a Token Service Provider from Mastercard, bolstering security and efficiency in digital payments. Leveragin
The Power 50 Webinar | Embedded Finance | Cogo, Weavr and PXP Financial
July | 2024
Embedded finance has been a consistent trend within the fintech scene for the past few years. All about making financial services more accessible and
The Power 50 Podcast | Paytech | Payhawk & PXP Financial
July | 2024
Payments are an everyday facet of peoples lives, whether you are a regular consumer, a business or beyond. And the industry is constantly working to i
PXP Financial Expands Payment Capabilities with Google Pay Integration
July | 2024
PXP Financial, which provides a single unified payments platform to accept payments online, on mobile and at the point of sale, has become a Google Pa