IDVerse Introduces FraudHub, Redefining Global Fraud Prevention for Businesses
March 5, 2024

IDVerse, a provider of identity verification solutions, has introduced FraudHub, the next evolution of its identity verification solution.

Following two years of rigorous testing with global telcos and banking institutions, FraudHub is set to be available for general use for current IDVerse customers in early March, promising to set a new standard in fraud prevention technology.

FraudHub offers businesses an additional layer of protection against repeat fraud attempts. Unlike traditional fraud detection systems which operate in isolation, FraudHub provides businesses with contextual insights by analyzing patterns within their user base.

“INTERPOL has IFRS, but FraudHub is possibly the IFRS for the rest of us, empowering businesses large or small with cutting-edge, ethical face recognition security solutions that protect privacy," commented IDVerse’s CTO, Matt Adams.

With FraudHub, businesses gain the ability to identify repeat fraud attempts by recognizing similarities in faces or ID details across transactions. This empowers businesses across all industries to proactively detect emerging fraud trends and mitigate potential threats to their platforms. By integrating FraudHub with IDVerse's existing solution, businesses can stay ahead of evolving fraud tactics and innovate beyond emerging trends.

FraudHub's benefits, include:

  • Early detection and prevention: FraudHub enables businesses to identify and prevent fraud attempts before they result in financial losses or operational disruptions.
  • Expanded arsenal against fraud: By integrating FraudHub into their fraud prevention strategies, businesses gain additional tools to combat evolving fraud tactics effectively.
  • Focused on real threats: IDVerse's identity verification solution is adept at detecting sophisticated forms of fraud, ensuring that only genuine threats are flagged by FraudHub.
  • Streamlined operations: The blocklist functionality of FraudHub will allow users to automatically flag new transactions involving previously identified fraudulent actors, streamlining the fraud prevention process.

The new product enables businesses to detect and prevent fraud on a broader scale, thereby empowering them to safeguard their operations and protect their customers' interests.