We do the core. You do the banking.



Where is your head office based

United Kingdom (UK)

Which other countries do you have a physical office and/or representatives based


Who buys your product/service

Retail Banks, SME Banks, Corporate Banks, FinTech's, Banking-as-a-Service providers

We believe technology can deliver fundamental transformation in banking

We created 10x to build better banks - banks that put the customer at the centre of all they do.

Using our proprietary cloud native platform, SuperCore™, we enable client banks and providers of financial services to give their customers more timely and relevant experiences and insights when it comes to managing money in an increasingly digitally-connected world.

With a transformational end-to-end approach, everything has been designed from first principles to offer the most comprehensive operating system for banks globally.

Our mission

To transform banking for customers, banks and society.
The premise on which 10x was founded in the summer of 2016 are themes many 10xers know only too well from their time in financial services – how to get banks to serve the customer better and how we can use technology to deliver true transformation.

The idea for 10x grew from seeing that we could create a totally different approach to banking, one that leveraged new technologies and proven financial services experience to deliver a bank that is customer-centric by design, rather than product-centric.

To be the global banking operating system of choice

10x is growing rapidly as we realise our mission and bring SuperCore™ to banks across the globe. Already operating in four of the world's key markets, our SaaS platform is available worldwide.

10x has a deep understanding of global operations, differing regulatory requirements, a rich international partner network and rapidly integrates and deploys new technologies. 10x is guiding banks on their transformation journey, wherever they are in the world.

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