A multifunctional Banking as a Service Platform that democratizes banking services for everybody



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United Kingdom (UK)

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Colendi is a multifunctional banking as a service platform that democratizes banking services for consumers, merchants, and financial institutions to overcome the limitations associated with legacy banking. Colendi is moving forward with the goal of solving a chronic financial problem that directly affects more than three billion people who do not have bank accounts and more than five billion people who cannot get loans.

Colendi develops unique services based on scoring algorithms, combining new generation financial technology solutions, artificial intelligence, and big data. Together with its platform partners and strategic business allies, Colendi provides fast and easy access to loans with a buy-now-pay-later model as well as other distinct financial services to millions of users. Colendi’s scoring engine unlocks a significant potential by identifying low-risk customers previously underserved by financial institutions by using AI and big data.

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