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Andreas Bodczek

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UK, France





IDnow has taken an exciting journey over the past few years. We have grown from an idea into a successful business, with almost 400 employees. Not only have our team and product portfolio expanded, our quality standards and professionalism have evolved to an exceptionally high level.

IDnow began life as a group of ambitious pioneers who shared an innovative idea; now, we are a leading identity verification provider, trusted by the top companies across a plethora of industries and geographies.

In 2012, when the idea for a digital verification solution was first contemplated, there was no regulatory groundwork in existence. After working with the authorities and regulators such as BaFin in Germany for over two years, IDnow could finally launch its first product: VideoIdent.

Over the next few years, increased demand for digital verification saw our business expand into new markets and industries. In 2018 the more automated, AI-based product, AutoIdent, was launched to provide an easy and fast solution for customers while enabling us to scale in line with growing demand.

2020 and 2021 have been extraordinary for IDnow. We expanded our product portfolio into a full identity verification platform and acquired two sister company to support our ambitious growth plans. IDnow has empowered companies on their way to fully digital processes by adding a paperless and completely digital identity verification to their user journey and enabling clients to achieve significantly higher volumes of sign-ups.

As our company has grown and evolved, so too must our brand. That’s why we announced a new chapter for IDnow’s visual appearance in 2020. We have chosen a fresh and modern approach to express our brand values and evolution while staying true to our origins.

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