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Aaron Holmes - CEO

Melissa Beckett - CMO

Steven Licciardi - CTO

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Reconciliation and Reporting of Payments - Fintech

The Fintech for Fintechs

Reducing complexity for Fintechs and Payments companies

Live since 2018, innovative Fintech Kani Payments has reconciled billions in payments for their customers, supporting them in being able to launch, be compliant, streamline processes, get services to customers efficiently, and ultimately scale faster.

Kani is an award-winning SaaS platform which brings automation, accuracy and compliance to reconciliation and reporting; usually manual and time-consuming back-office processes carried out by finance teams, to account for payment transactions. Accurate and verifiable reconciliation and reporting is essential for payments companies, yet these tasks are often challenging, hugely complex, time consuming and inaccurate - Kani automates this process.

Experts in financial reconciliation and reporting

Named the Leading Financial Services or Payments Start-Up by the Emerging Payments Association, Kani is growing its services and client list – which includes Fintechs, challenger banks and payment companies across five continents, including Paysafe, Sodexo, Moorwand, Equals, Hay, OnePay and global Banking-as-a-Service leader, Railsbank.

Kani is a payments-data ingestion and analytics tool. It reduces complexity by consuming data from across the payments landscape, allowing back-office finance teams to use Kani to reconcile and report on their large and contrasting data sets in seconds, instead of weeks.

Kani love to collaborate with other ambitious Fintechs, challenger banks, Acquirers and payments companies.

Kani selected for VentureFest Innovation showcase
December | 2022
Kani have been named as one of the most innovative companies in the region, and selected to take part in the innovation showcase, at VentureFest thi
Kani announce partnership IDT Finance
December | 2022
IDT Financial Services Limited, a leading issuing bank specialising in prepaid debit card issuing services in the UK, Israel and Gibraltar, announced
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