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Key Personnel:

Sam Seaton

Head office:

Bristol UK, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Global Reach:





Open Banking, Open Finance, Financial Data Aggregation, Bank to Bank Payments, APIs, White label.

Moneyhub is the Open Finance platform that enables businesses from all sectors to truly understand and engage their customers through powerful data, analytics, and smart, actionable insights.

With Moneyhub, businesses can provide unique hyper-personalised experiences that deliver against customer needs and build all-important customer trust. Taking consumer consent-driven data from a vast variety of data sources, Moneyhub uses its categorisation engine and machine-learning to layer on the intelligence required to produce tailored and holistic insights. Moneyhub began life in 2014, championing financial wellness for users of their app and portals. However, Moneyhub’s vision was clear from the outset: the value of Open Finance reaches far beyond the Financial Services sector.

From retail and telecoms to hospitality and utility companies, every business needs to thoroughly understand their customer base in order to provide the most tailored product or service, to compete and truly succeed - and Open Finance provides the mechanism for that. Moneyhub is helping its clients to reach over 40 million people through its Open Finance platform, across a range of industries from online advertising and payments, to building societies, employee benefits, pensions, and investments.

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