Sarah has 25 years of experience as a product and business leader in bleeding edge
and innovative industries and as an advocate for agile and market driven processes.
Sarah has been focused on Digital Identity for a decade beginning with
spearheading and leading the global Identity Verification business at Mitek where, as
General Manager of the business unit, she led the business from inception through a
period of high growth and multiple acquisitions to becoming a global leader in the
space. Through that experience she became an expert in Digital Identity and
passionate about the opportunities within the commercial, government and
humanitarian sectors. Sarah also became a sought-after speaker on the topic at a
wide range of events and media including Money 2020 US and EU, Mobile World
Congress and the Smarter Markets podcast.

Trust and identity are the foundation to continued expansion of digital user
experiences across financial services as well as the vast amount of use cases
across many sectors that require trust, and there is tremendous transformation and
innovation taking place. To continue her journey in this field, Sarah started her own
consultancy helping with strategy and execution for some major and innovative
initiatives, such as digital identity projects with the world’s largest banks and
corporations seeking to improve user experience, reduce fraud and utilize their
identity data and assets beyond their own business. She also served as an
executive at Idemia, a global biometrics and government identity solutions provider
deepening her expertise in these areas.

Sarah is now leading the next step in the transformation of the global Identity
ecosystem at Mastercard where her team is bringing to market a decentralized
globally interoperable re-usable Digital Identity network which empowers individuals
to own their own digital identity where their data privacy is protected. Her team is
committed to bringing to market easier user journeys that can be applied consistently
to any digital or in person channel on a global scale and well as being a foundational
element to reduce identity fraud and protect individuals and businesses.