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Where is your head office based


Which other countries do you have a physical office and/or representatives based

United States, Ireland, Denmark, Romania

Who buys your product/service

Businesses operating in Cryptocurrency, Financial Services, Banking, Fintech, Payments, Marketplaces, Communities, Gaming, and more.

Trulioo is the leading global identity verification company, building trust online so that businesses and consumers can transact safely and securely. Trulioo provides real-time verification of 5 billion consumers and 330 million business entities worldwide — all through a single API integration. Organizations rely on its identity verification platform, GlobalGateway, to help meet their business and compliance requirements and automate due diligence and fraud prevention workflows. The Trulioo mission is to help provide every person on the planet with a digital identity to enable access to basic financial services and support.

Trulioo Appoints Erika Rottenberg to Its Board of Directors
May 19, 2023
Global identity verification platform Trulioo appoints Erika Rottenberg to its board of directors. She brings decades of operational and boardroom exp
Trulioo accelerates product innovation to safeguard global businesses
July 19, 2022
Major platform update provides enhanced proof of address and anti-money laundering offerings to support customers in navigating complex regulatory lan