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Key Personnel:

Ron Hynes, CEO

Head office:

Lake Oswego, Oregon

Global Reach:

United states, Singapore, Phillippines, Ireland, Mexico.




At Vesta, Our purpose is to drive the true cost of fraud to zero, at a global scale

What we do is straightforward: Vesta is the only instant, end-to-end transaction guarantee platform for digital purchases. It’s why we do it that makes the difference — and drives us to deliver an industry-leading solution.

Vesta exists to eliminate all the costs associated with fraud. That doesn’t just mean direct losses, but lost sales and unnecessary declines as well.

We utilize machine learning backed by 25 years of transactional data history to increase approvals of legitimate sales while eliminating chargebacks and other forms of digital fraud. Our models are so accurate that we deliver unparalleled approval rates, a better customer experience and eliminate fraud for leading brands in telco, eCommerce, travel, and financial services.

Vesta increases approvals of legitimate sales for its customers, while eliminating chargebacks and other forms of digital fraud, driving the true cost of fraud to zero and transferring 100% of the liability for fraud, including chargeback processing, so customers can focus on increasing sales.

The company is headquartered in Portland, OR, with offices in Atlanta, Miami, Ireland, Mexico, and Singapore. For more information visit

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5400 Meadows Road, 5th Floor, Lake Oswego, OREGON, 97035, United States (US)



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