Plug-and-Play Finance enables any business to integrate any financial service anywhere it's needed.



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Malta, Spain, Portugal

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Innovative startups building solutions for SaaS, B2B payments, employee benefits, freelancer marketplaces and more

Weavr is the leading provider of embedded finance for the digital economy and is on a mission to enable any digital business to integrate any financial service anywhere it’s needed.

Weavr provides ready-made Financial Plug-ins, which bring together everything an innovator needs to embed financial services into their SaaS or other application. There’s a plug-in for any business and any task.

By making it easy and cost-efficient to plug financial superpowers into a range of use cases, Weavr lowers the barrier to innovation for  business across a wide range of sectors. In a matter of weeks, any innovator can deploy the financial services they need, and at a fraction of the cost of traditional Banking-as-a-Service. Importantly, there’s no need to worry about compliance, data security nor regulation - Weavr handles that.

These innovative businesses, together with the financial services integrated within them, are shaping the future of the gig economy, supplier payments, the digital workplace and many other services sectors.

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