Money20/20 Europe 2023
June 29, 2023

Money20/20 Europe marked its 2023 return to RAI, Amsterdam on Tuesday with the promise of eight stages, 300-plus speakers, 200 sessions and 8,000 people from almost 90 countries across three days. Plus a 12-foot robot, gondolas at a money beach club, cocktails and plenty of doughnuts thrown in for good measure.

The theme for this year’s event is ‘now and next’ with Tracey Davies, president of Money20/20, and Scarlett Sieber, chief strategy and growth officer of Money20/20, explaining why in their opening speech.

“It might not sound very grand but it holds the keys to unlocking the secrets of our show,” said Davies.

While Sieber added: “The ecosystem of money is huge and we need to cover so so much, so we have ways of making it simple for you. We’re all about simplicity.”