Partnership with SWIFT enables integrated cross-border payments tracking
November 2, 2021

Bottomline, a leading provider of  financial technology that makes business payments simple, smart and secure, today  announced the latest API-based payments tracking service for banks worldwide, integrating  SWIFTgpi data. The gpi data is captured on behalf of Bottomline clients and is integrated  into their payments workflow, which simplifies and unifies the API access points. 

In launching this service, Bottomline joins SWIFT’s new Platform Partnership Programme in  which third-party providers can offer the benefits of API connectivity to SWIFT to their  banking customers. 

The APIs enable a new level of end-to-end transparency and payment status for cross-border  payments in real-time. It can help banks and their corporate customers to have full visibility  on the status of their cross-border payments throughout the whole transaction lifecycle. Using  Bottomline, the APIs are presented through a secure, fast and easy-to-access payment  gateway. 

Pilot customers who have signed up for this new platform service can see immediate benefits,  irrespective of whether they are existing Bottomline customers, new gpi banks, or existing  gpi users. 

Gaby Sulbaran, Global Head of Platform Partners at SWIFT added: “This partnership is an  important milestone in easing adoption, extending reach, and enabling Bottomline customers  to benefit from the range of innovative API-based services available on SWIFT. We’re  delighted that the pilot has gone smoothly and we are now ready to scale globally for the  wider SWIFT user community.” 

Daniel Bardini, Managing Director at Bottomline said: “The digital roadmap in payments has  accelerated in the last 12 months. It’s important we continue to lead the way with the latest  offerings, like API for gpi which we have delivered with SWIFT, so our customers stay  competitive and can modernise their operations without disruption.”