The Power 50 Podcast | Digital Assets | Clear Junction Dr Ruth Wandhöfer
May 31, 2024

In this week's podcast, we take a look at digital assets and their place within the fintech industry, as well as the wider ecosystem.

Digital assets are a constant trending topic within fintech. With the rise, and somewhat fall of cryptocurrency in consumer popularity, as well as the booming blockchain technologies and even CBDC’s making an appearance, the digital asset industry is poised to make a big impact.

With Polly Jean Harrison from The Fintech Times hosting, Sasha Skoryk, director, product and banking relationships at Clear Junction, and Dr Ruth Wandhöfer, an adviser, author and Fintech Power 50 influencer join as panellists to discuss the potential impact of digital assets, and what they believe the next big trend will be.

Listen to the podcast in full to discover more about the digital assets landscape and what to expect as we move forward into the future of the industry.

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