The Power 50 Webinar | Embedded Finance | Cogo, Weavr and PXP Financial
April 2, 2024

Embedded finance has been a consistent trend within the fintech scene for the past few years. All about making financial services more accessible and convenient, embedded finance is often touted as the future of the industry, revolutionising the way people spend.

This webinar examines exactly where we are with embedded finance, the current landscape and how its taking the world by storm.

Moderator Polly Jean Harrison from The Fintech Times is joined by David Beer, global head of enterprise solutions & partnerships at Cogo, Daniel Greiller, CCO at Weavr, and Jonathan Bell, CFO at PXP Financial. Together, they examine the full scope of embedded finance, looking at the challenges of its implementation but also the opportunities it can bring to consumers and businesses alike.

Watch the webinar in full to discover more about the embedded finance landscape and what we can expect in the future as we move forward into the next chapter of the industry.