Weavr Whitepaper Shines Spotlight On Future Of Embedded Finance
October 12, 2022

London-based Plug-and-Play Finance specialist, Weavr, has today announced the launch of its latest whitepaper, entitled ‘Embedded finance: Bringing value into focus.’ The paper, which has been created in collaboration with leading industry experts, reveals a shared and focused vision for the future of embedded finance.

A hot topic amongst the fintech industry, embedded finance is top of the agenda for many. Yet, as Weavr’s whitepaper reveals, there has remained much to discover and understand about how a company can use embedded finance to unleash transformation and make the biggest impact.

The illuminating whitepaper, which is now available to read for free on its website, provides a comprehensive, digestible overview of how embedded finance is perceived today, where it stands to add the most benefits and what businesses require to make that happen. The whitepaper takes a detailed look at three sector-specific applications of the concept.

As Weavr’s whitepaper identifies, individuals are already benefitting from embedded finance technologies on a daily basis, yet the market is predicted to explode within the next five years. With boundless potential for businesses and end users to significantly benefit from the nascent technology. The success of this will be heavily reliant on education around the concept, a point of concurrence between the leading experts in the paper.

In publishing the embedded finance whitepaper, Weavr intends to inform those working in, and alongside the sector. The thought-provoking report makes the case that embedded finance has the potential to transform sectors for the better, and facilitate meaningful, long-term benefits across multiple sectors, however, in order to unleash these changes, education and implementation must be addressed. In fact, as the whitepaper highlights, Weavr is already providing the tools needed to realise the benefits with its Financial Plug-ins. 

Speaking on the publication of the new whitepaper, Alex Mifsud, Co-Founder and CEO of Weavr commented: “Embedded finance has all the hallmarks of an unstoppable force that is revolutionising business, just like eCommerce did 20 years ago. We created this paper because we have a vision where most financial services are purchased and consumed through digital products and services that serve broader and more fundamental customer needs like health, education, work, family, and leisure. In these sectors, the focus would become more on the benefits of banking and less on the banking itself – with significant advantages to be had by both the businesses and end users.

The paper maps out how this vision might be realised, drawing on both our own expertise and that of respected industry leaders who have been generous with their advice on how the real-world benefits of embedded finance can be realised, as well as sharing industry-specific examples to show the concept working in practice.”

At its core, Weavr is on a mission to enable any business to integrate any financial service anywhere its customers need it. The company is doing this by offering its Plug-and-Play Finance solution, which offers simplicity, flexibility, and accessibility to all innovators. What’s more, by adopting Weavr’s solution, innovators don’t need to worry about the burden of upholding compliance, regulation, and data security - because Weavr does it for them behind the scenes. Each of Weavr’s Financial Plug-ins can be tailored to virtually unlimited use cases and are already gaining significant traction with innovative businesses.

To read Weavr’s new whitepaper, please visit: www.weavr.io/blog/embedded-finance-bringing-value-into-focus


Weavr enables digital businesses to seamlessly embed financial services into their application via a radically simplified model, called Plug-and-Play Finance. In just a few weeks, businesses can launch and monetise financial services - and at a fraction of the cost of Banking-as-a-Service (BaaS).

By making embedded finance accessible to a far wider range of digital businesses, Weavr is helping drive a new wave of expansion in the frontiers of embedded-finance innovation.

Founded in 2018, with headquarters in London, the company is backed by renowned names such as Tiger Global, who led its $40-million Series A in 2022 to deepen operations within Europe and expand to the US and Singapore.