HealthTech Power 50

Home of the most influential and innovative companies and powerful figures within HealthTech
The HealthTech Power 50 is a media platform and a networking hub for the most influential, innovative and powerful figures in the HealthTech industry.
It acts as a much needed reminder of all the great things we are achieving in the world of health technology and shines a spotlight on those who are transforming healthcare for the better.
Our mission is to help leading companies and individuals maximise the impact of their communications to customers, partners, investors and policymakers.

Build your brand and network with our media & events package.

The best companies deserve best-in-class communications that help accelerate their global growth.
Comprehensive Online Coverage
Through our portal, you will be able to share the latest news and up to date information from your company, upload video content and distribute press releases.
Print & Digital Publication
The HealthTech Power 50 will be published annually in both hard copy and digital formats and distributed to a global network of key decision-makers.
Bespoke Event Distribution
By distributing the HealthTech Power 50 at all major digital health events and many other relevant industry events throughout the year, we make sure the HealthTech Power 50 and its members are seen by the people that matter most
Networking & Industry Events
Our exclusive networking events will give you the opportunity to meet potential customers and partners and build relationships with peers. We will invite you to key HealthTech industry events as part of our delegation.
Roundtables and Webinars
Roundtables, panel discussions and dinners with a selection of opinion leaders, corporates, SMEs and ecosystem players will give you an opportunity to meet people in a private environment, get fresh industry intelligence and generate business opportunities.
Exclusive Workshops
Our workshops will provide you with insights on how to make your communications most impactful, resulting in a stronger brand, higher revenues, more clients and partners and success in fundraising.

Putting you in the centre of our global partner network 

The HealthTech Power 50 does not just stop at being a publication. As well as showcasing the hottest in the HealthTech world, the HealthTech Power 50 will also act as a hub that actively promotes its members to a global audience by introducing bespoke networking and event opportunities, organised with partners. 
Through the HealthTech Power 50, organisations can secure strategic partnerships with both established health technology leaders with years of relevant experience, and the fresh up-and-coming health techs looking to collaborate on the next big thing. 

Our Heritage. 

Building on the success of FinTech Power 50
The Launch of the HealthTech Power 50 builds on the success of
Fintech Power 50, its sister programme.
Since starting in 2019, it has supported 120 companies. It attracts more than 900 company nominations each year, resulting in 40 of most exciting companies being selected for the programme. 
Well-known financial institutions such as Barclays Bank and Metro Bank have been partners, and members include household names Monzo, Starling Bank and Revolut. 
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