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LATAM - Costa Rica, San Rafael del Escazu, San Jose, Costa Rica, 10201
AcuityTec serves digital payments, including PSPs, gateways, eCommerce, and cryptocurrency enterprises to iGaming, Merchants, Fintech and any business that engages with customers online.

AcuityTec provides global KYC, KYB, compliance and automated fraud defense technology to serve a complete end-to-end marketplace solution that is proactive against our ever-evolving online ecosystem. Businesses can tailor their selections to precise needs, crafting customized workflows and setting specific risk thresholds, all seamlessly integrated into their operations via a single API.

AcuityTec’s automated and adaptive fraud defense framework leverages perpetual KYC, advanced risk algorithms, machine learning and data orchestration to confidently verify customers and their transactions with a holistic and harmonized view of risk. Their dynamic dashboard intelligence, live risk queue, robust customer profiles and transactional monitoring serve to scan against potential threats swiftly, identify intricate behaviors, patterns, and emerging trends, spot account associations and slash manual reviews and chargebacks –reducing the costs and resources lost to fraud.

Organizations can manage, monitor and report on their customers with utmost assurance. Moreover, they can harness data science and B.I. capabilities to enhance performance, elevate conversion optimization, and confidently bolster new market entry strategies. Servicing 230 countries in over 150 languages, AcuityTec provides premium data coverage and is a global partner for businesses to remain agile against compliance and fraud prevention to propel growth in an increasingly online-centric world.