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United States, Europe
Banks, Fintechs, Financial Services Organisations, Lenders

Bud Financial (Bud) is a transaction and data intelligence platform for the banking and financial services industry, which enables global companies to make financial decisions simpler by turning transactional data into rich customer insights.

For half a decade, Bud has been a trailblazer in its development and application of AI, machine learning, and natural language processing in banking and financial services.

With over 50 billion transactions processed, Bud’s categorisation, aggregation, analytics and deep AI and ML capabilities unlock an endless array of insights for its clients, who can supercharge marketing efforts, refine customer segmentation, assess and manage risk and decisioning, and optimise various aspects of their business operations.

Bud Financial and Fintech Galaxy Forge Partnership to Enhance Open Banking in MENA Region
February 21, 2024
Data intelligence platform Bud Financial (Bud) is joining forces with Fintech Galaxy to strengthen the open banking scene in the MENA region and tran