We don't evolve with the payments industry, we evolve the payments industry

Compass Plus


United Kingdom (UK)
UK, Jordan, UAE, Morocco, South Africa, Vietnam, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Azerbaijan, Pakistan, Kazakhstan, USA, Panama, Brazil
Financial Institutions, Banks, Fintechs, Payment Service Providers, Payment Processors

Compass Plus Technologies is passionate about payments technology and architecting it properly for the needs of today and tomorrow.

From start-ups and industry disruptors to recognised innovators and market leaders, our exceptional technology puts our customers in the driving seat and ultimately in control of their payment ecosystems.

Together, we deliver ground-breaking and industry-leading products and services with uncontested ease and proven time-to-market.

The Power 50 Webinar | Paytech | Compass Plus Technologies, Clear Junction
February 13, 2024
Payments are an everyday facet of people's lives, whether you are a regular consumer, a business or beyond. And the industry is constantly working to
Nepal's Kumari Bank Plumps for Compass Plus Technologies For Payments Partnership
January 17, 2024
Compass Plus Technologies has joined forces with Kumari Bank Limited, one of Nepal's leading commercial banks, to deliver issuing, acquiring and ATM