Innovative Fintech-as-a-Service Solutions for Banking and Payment providers



United Kingdom (UK)
UK; Serbia
Banking providers; payment providers

Pannovate is an orchestration layer and Banking-as-a-Service that empowers banks, fintechs and non-financial organisations to deliver seamless digital experiences and embedded finance.

With 150 APIs and a network of 47 truly agnostic vendors from processors to KYC providers and BIN sponsors, clients can seamlessly gain access to Pannovate’s modular solutions to create their value proposition quickly and cost-effectively and launch to market in record time.

Our platform and orchestration layer are used by many for wallet management, payment processing, and card issuing. It has been designed from the ground up to include the most relevant features needed to launch a banking or payments proposition with speed to market while offering the flexibility to accelerate the development of their digital product capabilities.

We work with cutting-edge organisations that aspire to deliver best-in-class solutions to their customers and our Banking-as-a-Service and orchestration layer enables you to add any functionality quickly and cost-effectively to create a value proposition and intuitive UX that works for your customer segments while scaling seamlessly into multiple regions.