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PXP Financial


United Kingdom (UK)
US, Austria, Bulgaria, India

As a leading payments provider with significant experience in shaping and leading innovations in the payments space, PXP Financial exemplifies the benchmark for operational excellence, best-in-class service and client satisfaction.

At PXP Financial, our comprehensive end-to-end payment platform is designed to empower business growth. We offer a single, unified payments solution that caters to online, mobile and point of sale transactions. Backed by in-house acquiring capabilities, a diverse array of 120+ alternative payment methods and a suite of financial services, PXP Financial processes over EUR 22.7 billion annually through our unified gateway.

Our diverse team of 200 employees, representing 25 nationalities, collaborates across offices in the UK, Austria, Bulgaria, India, and the US. Our core principles are rooted in a commitment to success, fearlessness in driving change, the cultivation of trust and a commitment to continuous learning. PXP Financial fosters a positive and nurturing work environment where employee achievements and progress are celebrated, and we have a 25% higher-than-market rate for promotions. We recently achieved UK’s Most Loved Workplace® certification, underscoring our commitment to supporting our employees to thrive.

In the dynamic realm of payments, PXP Financial remains at the forefront by harnessing innovative technologies and new solutions, creating a top-tier payment experience for our valued customers.

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